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VETTED was established in 2009 by retired Army Staff Sergeant Paul Delacerda, Who was wounded in combat in 2005. Since its inception, VETTED emerged as a trailblazing symbol of resilience and determination. Inspired by witnessing a fellow warrior showcasing his musical talent despite having a prosthetic limb, he decided to start the first nationally recognized band of wounded warriors. This pioneering ensemble initially comprised combat veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as first responders, expanding their influence and impact with each performance. Approaching its 14th year milestone, VETTED has traversed the United States, delivering electrifying performances at military bases, veteran gatherings, and music festivals.


Garnering widespread recognition, the band has been spotlighted in various media platforms, including a riveting Netflix documentary, and earned the esteemed opportunity to perform at the prestigious 2016 Invictus Games created by Prince Harry, and attended by VP Joe Biden. Beneath the surface of their musical achievements lies a profound dedication to their warrior's well-being. Members of VETTED have undergone training in suicide prevention and resilience, embodying a steadfast commitment to supporting those who have sacrificed for freedom. Through strategic alliances, the band has  illuminated vital active duty and veteran outreach programs, shedding light on the challenges faced by warriors transitioning to civilian life. In the face of the VA's sobering statistics revealing the alarming rate of veteran suicides, with an estimated 6,000 lives lost each year,


VETTED redoubles its mission to leverage the healing power of music as a beacon of hope and transformation for those in need. Harnessing the therapeutic potential of music to alleviate the burdens of mental health conditions such as PTSD and TBI, VETTED aims to foster a culture of understanding and support for the armed forces community. As they embark on a new tour, Vetted stands as a living testament to the indomitable spirit that propels individuals beyond their perceived limitations. By championing a "never quit" ethos in their music and personal narratives, the band inspires active-duty personnel, veterans, and civilians alike to navigate adversity with unwavering determination and resilience.


Through their unwavering dedication, VETTED sends a message of perseverance and unity, forging pathways for all to move forward and embrace the unwavering courage within. We want to continue to help active duty, veterans and civilians move forward -and never give up.   As we say in our band….. NOTHING COMES WITHOUT SACRIFICE 


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Alabama Power Company and EDPA (the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama) have been focused on addressing Alabama’s labor market challenges, specifically looking at how the state can more effectively recruit, train, and hire workers for the state.
To that end, ALEX (the Alabama Experience) was incubated and is now the state’s first mobile career expo.  The state-of-the art trailer enables prospective employers and industries to showcase opportunities, while prospective employees can better educate themselves on those opportunities and/or the skills training needed to pursue the various opportunities.  The desired result is to put more people into meaningful jobs in the state.

Alabama & Some Georgia Dates only

One group of prospective employees we’re keenly interested in engaging with are veterans.   Beyond the profound respect we have for those who’ve served our country, our sense is this is a highly competent group of prospective employees/candidates who warrant more dedicated efforts to connect them to meaningful career paths.   
With this in-mind, we would like to partner with VETTED to bring both entertainment and career opportunities via the mobile expo to the base.   We would propose serving the soldiers and their families in two ways:
   1.    We want to showcase that Alabama is a great place to work, live and play by utilizing the ALEX (Alabama Experience) mobile trailer as soldiers prepare to transition to civilian life. They can learn about career opportunities both regionally and statewide, educational/training opportunities should they want to pursue a different field and lifestyle opportunities across the state both urban and rural.

   2.    To further support the connection to career opportunities we would like to host a career fair at the same time, so they leave the ALEX trailer and then have a chance to engage with companies wanting to hire now and in the future. As we consult with businesses across the state and discuss workforce challenges many times, we find that they are not engaging with your TAP offices and sometimes they don’t even know they exist. Hosting this career fair will allow us to bring those companies to you for initial and hopefully continued engagement.

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Healing Wings 4 Warriors is dedicated to offering holistic programs, such as yoga, breathing and meditation to veterans, first responders, and their families in order to improve their quality of life.  the primary goal is to focus on healing from physical and emotional trauma.

We have created a platform for generating and facilitating wellness and healing of specific injuries through body movement and breath work.


We invite to join us and experience the power of healing through our music and sponsor event. Healing active duty and veterans navigate the turbulent waters of PTSD, preventing the tragic losses of suicide, combating the growing issues of drug overdose and providing meaningful job opportunities isn't merely a duty; it's a sacred mission of compassion and gratitude.

These brave men and woman, who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms, deserving unwavering support and understanding as they navigate the challenges of transitioning back to civilian life.   By extending a hand of empathy, offering resources for healing and creating pathways to employment; we're not just assisting veterans; we're honoring their resilience and valor.

Every life saved, every step towards recovery and every career opportunity provided is a testament to our commitment to those who have served.  Together, through collective action and unwavering dedication, we can create a brighter future for our veterans, filled with hope, purpose and the recognition they rightfully deserve through our partner program, ROCK 4 RECOVERY.

As wounded warriors ourselves, VETTED understands, identifies and communicates with those that need help the most.  We want to walk that road beside those that have given so much for our country and freedom

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John Gomez

Talent Manager

Gomez or Go Home Entertainment 


SSG(ret) Paul Delacerda

Creative Design & Animation

Slade Deliberto

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